Anthropometry in red

video performace


"If the term "being"was invented in Western philosophy," coloniality of being "cannot be a continuation of the former. Because of the coloniality of power, the concept of "being" cannot be liberated. And because of colonial difference, the "coloniality of being" cannot be a critical continuation of the former, but a relocation of "thinking" and critical consciousness into the geopolitics of knowledge. "Walter Mignolo
Moving on their knees, bodies trace the borders of Europe with blood. Biopolitics work by dividing those who are able to live or those who have the right to life and those who are deprived of that right. In today's context, it is the Euro-American apparatus that decides which bodies are desirable in terms of integration into its global economic and political order and the re-distribution of power. After Foucault, control systems move from "right to life" to necropolitics, or control through death.
The inability to fit a foreigner into the apparatus of Europe, goes linked by the need to restrict individuals to the boundaries of their language and culture and to attach themselves to the stereotypical roles of a particular environment. As a result, a foreigner, like the other, becomes marginalized on the basis of their territorial origin. In this work, two bodies, which are marginalized bodies, who become subordinate at birth, crawling across the canvas symbolically represent the processes of marginalization by the body, and the very position they are in, raises the issue of sacrifice and suffering for the basic rights to life "in Europe".

Emina Alić Milica Bilanović Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina