video / 00:01:38

"Dojčland"is a video work lasting 1'38 ".
When I visited Berlin and confronted with an incomprehensible language, I recorded a video in which I imitate my surroundings and try to talk in 'German'. I uploaded a video to YouTube and with the language recognition program my 'German' was converted into text composed of recognized words. The received text was translated into Serbian and English and set as a subtitle. The work deals with the construction of meaningful content where it does not exist, and represents an attempt to fit into an unknown environment through communication.

"This work problematizes the communicating aspect of the language, i.e. comprehensibility as a feature that each language implies, as a key to transmitting some meaningful content. The seemingly coherent content, is read in this process as a mere mechanical trace of meaningless phrases, which do not convey anything and do not point to anything. This creates an aspurdic text, like a poem, which constantly implies the existence of meaning where there is not, and at the same time it, as a mere reference illusion, denies it" - Vanja Žunić

Catalogue from the exibition "Napuštanje bezbednog režima" download(1.793KB)